Periocular Rejuvenation

With over 80% of all interactions we have in a day being face-to-face, the eyes become the most important part of our communication; making sure they’re always presentable is equally important.

What is Periocular Rejuvenation?

In Miami, FL, the plastic surgery capital of the country, improving the aesthetics of the area around the eyes is one of the most foundational procedures in the beauty business. Blepharoplasties, ptosis repairs, and mid face lifts have become second nature to the nearly 50-year veteran of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Myron Tanenbaum, who performs these procedures weekly.

While plastic surgery is a great way to counteract the effects of the physical degeneration caused by getting older, such as baggy eyelids and drooping brows, it is also ideal at catering to the needs of a younger demographic who is interested in reshaping the shape of their eyes and erasing all evidence of aging. 

Periocular (also known as periorbital) rejuvenation falls in that category.

Position and Posture

As we age, our brows naturally begin to fall and bags begin to form under our eyes; rhytides (think of them as the beginnings of wrinkles) pull at our corners and develop into full-fledged wrinkles which can alter our expression altogether.

This change in the position and posture of our features can begin in men and women as early as our 30s and leads many people to consider coming to Miami, FL for plastic surgery. 

Dr. Tanenbaum has perfected a number of cosmetic surgeries to improve the shape of the periocular area, improving the appearance of both the upper eyelids as well as the lower.