Anophthalmos Surgery from Myron Tanenbaum

Transform your life or the life of your loved one with leading-edge anophthalmos surgery performed by the renowned Dr. Myron Tanenbaum. Our personalized approach to reconstructive anophthalmia ensures that each patient receives comprehensive care to address their unique needs — from restoring facial symmetry to preparing the eye socket for a prosthetic eye.

What is Anophthalmia?

Anophthalmia is more than a medical condition—it’s a personal challenge that has the potential to affect one’s quality of life on multiple levels. Anophthalmia is the congenital absence of an eye– meaning it is a condition present at birth. It’s estimated that up to two in every 10,000 are born with anophthalmia. It can seem daunting, but with advanced surgical techniques and compassionate care, navigating this path is not a journey you’re forced to take


Who We Help

At Dr. Tanenbaum’s practice, we help anophthalmia in a variety of patients:

  • Patients diagnosed with anophthalmia seeking surgical intervention
  • Parents of children with congenital anophthalmia looking for reconstruction options
  • Anyone considering orbital implants or prosthetic eye fitting and placement, regardless of why the eye is missing

What We Offer

In addition to our cosmetic ophthalmology procedures, we offer reconstructive procedures as well. Ideal for those with anophthalmia, our surgical procedures for treating anophthalmia include:

Eyelid Surgery  

Refine your appearance and eyelid function with precise eyelid surgery. We work with the utmost care to ensure results that are both aesthetically pleasing and supportive of prosthetic eye placement.

Prosthetic Eye Fitting  

We collaborate with skilled ocularists to create and fit prosthetic eyes that bring balance and symmetry to your facial features. Prosthetic eyes are made from several materials, including:

  • Glass
  • Silicone
  • Hydroxyapatite

Prosthetic eyes have advanced to the point that they can even move in the eye socket just like a natural eye.

Orbital Implants  

Modern orbital implant techniques can offer a foundation for eventual prosthetic eye placement, providing volume within the eye socket and supporting eyelid structure. Six to eight weeks after implant placement, the orbital socket will be ready for a prosthetic eye.

Optic Nerve and Socket Care  

We provide meticulous attention to the surrounding structures to maximize the potential for a natural-looking and functioning prosthetic.

Every procedure performed by Dr. Tanenbaum is done with the utmost care and expertise so patients can enjoy the benefits of a prosthetic eye. While it is not a method for restoring vision, it is an option for restoring your confidence.

Following any ophthalmology cosmetic procedure, you’ll be informed of the post-op care specific to your medical needs.

Our Commitment

Dr. Myron Tanenbaum is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art care for cases of anophthalmia. Equipped with decades of experience and a passion for helping those born with birth defects affecting the eye, our team promises to support you every step of the way.

Begin the transformation today. Contact us for a thorough consultation and take the first step towards reclaiming your confidence and quality of life.

Our Expertise. Your Hope.

Together, we can face anophthalmia with solutions tailored just for you. Trust in the expertise of Myron Tanenbaum to provide care and results that exceed expectations