Corrective Surgery

If one thing is true about cosmetic surgery, with hundreds of thousands of procedures occurring every year in the United States, is that there are bound to be some dissatisfied customers. No matter the routineness of the surgery, the amount paid to hospitals, or the diligence with which people sought out their chosen physician, at the end of the day there will be disappointment from some patients. This can range from being hurt that certain features look a little different than anticipated, to being horrified at how badly the surgeon botched the job. Whatever the case may be, Myron Tanenbaum is here to help. 

The Art of Corrective Surgery

When faced with such a predicament, you don’t just want a surgeon to help you — you want an artist. When professional restoration experts tend to a damaged painting for a museum, they don’t simply clean the front and apply a swatch of unpainted canvas to cover up tears and gashes, they investigate the exact hues of the colors, the chemical mixture of the paints, and study meticulously the style and method of the art in question. That being done, they pick up their paintbrush and begin touching up the damaged areas in order to create a seamless repair. 

There are numerous doctors who can perform plastic surgery in Miami, Florida, but Myron Tanenbaum understands corrective surgery better than most. An expert in cosmetic surgery of the eyes and face, Dr. Tanenbaum specializes in correcting certain specific procedures. A consultation with him with your particular questions will likely expand this list.

Blepharoplasty Repair

One of the most common types of cosmetic surgery, a blepharoplasty is meant to counteract signs of aging and eliminate unsightly features like baggy eyelids, wrinkles, and excess skin around the eyes. Despite its commonality, patients may be upset over a few results, including:

  • Too much fat removal changes the appearance of the eyes
  • Unintended ptosis of the upper brow and lashes
  • Eyelid creases have been set outside of the optimal area above or below the eye
  • Eyebrow elevation

The blepharoplasty represents the foundation of Dr. Tanenbaum’s work performing plastic surgery in Miami, Florida. He can certainly offer options for repair.

Failed Ptosis Repair

Ptosis is the condition of the upper eyelid drooping over the top of the eye. Unlike blepharoplasty, which is considered more of a cosmetic surgery, ptosis repair is a medically advisable procedure aimed at improving one’s vision and strengthening the levator muscles. Though complications are rare, they can happen, including:

  • Overcorrection and “disappearance” of the eyelid
  • Asymmetry of eyelid/brow height between the eyes
  • The appearance of an extra fold or “third eyelid”

Many of the symptoms of a failed ptosis repair manifest a few weeks or months after the surgery. If you are experiencing these traits or fear that something else is happening, Dr. Tanenbaum can consult with you about the viability of further surgery.

Brow Lift Repair

brow lift is one of the most common types of facelifts done today and is a regularly performed plastic surgery in Miami, Florida. By making an incision along the hairline (or above it) and pulling the skin up, a surgeon can reduce the number of wrinkles in the face. Bad brow lifts aren’t unheard of, however. Signs may include:

  • Visible scars on the forehead
  • Asymmetry of the eyebrows
  • Persistent numbness of the skin
  • An unsightly change in the position of the hairline or hair loss at the incision site.

There are numerous methods by which Myron Tanenbaum might approach correcting these mistakes. By performing hundreds of such procedures a year, he is one of the best doctors to tackle less-than-optimal results.