Ptosis Reconstructive Surgery

A Fix for Droopy Eyelids

Whether due to aging or injury, droopy eyelids happen when the skin tissue stretches over time. This can especially be an issue for people who wear contact lenses frequently.

The fix for droopy eyelids is ptosis surgery. Ptosis is a type of reconstructive surgery where an oculoplastic surgeon lifts the upper eyelid to tighten the levator muscle. Depending on whether droopy eyelids are caused by aging or an injury, there may be additional procedures that happen in conjunction with ptosis surgery, in order to reduce scar tissue. Dr. Myron Tanenbaum has extensive experience in the field of ptosis, as well as other forms of eyelid surgeries and blepharoplasty. Reach out for a consultation to learn more.

Methods of Ptosis Surgery

There are two main methods that an oculoplastic surgeon can use to conduct ptosis surgery: the external method and the internal method.


The external method of ptosis is by far the most common approach. The surgeon makes an incision into the skin tissue of the eyelid and then will reposition and reconnect the levator muscle to connective tissues within the eyelid called the tarsus. This helps lift the eyelid up, improving eyesight and often improving the esteem and self-image of the patient.

Although a patient will be sedated during this method, they will remain cognizant so that they can respond to the surgeon and perform eye movements that help the doctor determine placement when lifting the eyelid. When the procedure is complete, the scar tissue from the surgery is hidden within the natural eyelid crease.


The internal method of ptosis surgery is typically recommended by surgeons for patients who are looking for a more subtle lift. For this procedure, the eyelid is turned inside-out and the surgeon removes part of several eyelid muscles. This causes the levator muscle, also known as Mueller’s muscle, to be shortened. This creates a natural lift in the eyelid, and the scar tissue will be on the inside of the eyelid, thus making it entirely hidden.

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