As people age, many of them notice – if not in themselves, then in their partner or friends – that the area around the lower eyelid begins to sag and look tired. As a result, people generally associate aging with baggy eyelids. Historically, this has been attributed to weakening of the ligaments around the lower eyelid. However, research conducted over recent years has indicated that fat expansions in the eye socket are actually the culprit to blame.

UCLA studies conducted using high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have indicated that there is an increase of fat with age. The study found that lower eyelid tissue increased with age. The largest contributor to the appearance of bags on the lower eyelid was the size of the fat increase. Many surgical procedures being performed today aim at repositioning the fat or tightening the muscles surrounding the lower eyelid, although studies have not indicated that these structures change with age. However, the best plastic surgeons in Miami use a technique called blepharoplasty to address the bags surrounding the lower eyelids.

Typically, in a blepharoplasty procedure, the Miami cosmetic surgeon makes external incisions along natural skin lines of the eyelid and removes the excess fat. However, every patient is different and is evaluated on an individual basis in order to address each component affecting their baggy eyelid appearance. Generally lower eyelid surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure. Upper eyelid surgery is oftentimes done for medical purposes. This type of surgery, a functional blepharoplasty, is recommended when sagging of the upper eyelids impairs your vision.

Other conditions that may require a functional eyelid surgery also include irritation caused by chaffing from the folds of excess eyelid skin and forehead discomfort from muscles over-strained by lifting sagging skin around the eyelids. Forehead discomfort can lead to headaches, which is why many have attested blepharoplasty is constructive in alleviating headaches induced by these conditions. Whatever conditions you believe to be experiencing as a result of your sagging eyelids are reason enough to seek an evaluation from a Miami cosmetic surgeon. A simple eyelid surgery may do the trick and restore youthfulness to your face.

Why Exactly Do Eyelids Sag With Age?