How to Prepare the Day before Eyelid Surgery

You’ve spent months researching blepharoplasty, went to consultation with your Miami cosmetic surgeon, and finally decided on and scheduled your eyelid surgery. It is now the day before you’re scheduled to go under the knife and you’re a little nervous. To ease your nerves, focus on how you need to prepare before your blepharoplasty. First, gather the items you will need to have on hand during your home recovery following your cosmetic eyelid surgery. You’ll want clean washcloths, a clean large bowl for cold water, ice cubes, gallon size Ziploc bags for ice packs, sterile gauze pads, and a bottle of acetaminophen. It is also a good idea to make sure you have at least a week’s worth of groceries before your eyelid surgery. 

An eye exam is part of preparing for surgery.

There may also be a list of instructions provided by your Miami cosmetic surgeon that you’ll need to adhere to before your blepharoplasty. The day of your Miami plastic surgery, you will also have specific instructions tailored to your personal circumstances and needs. Some standard rules before blepharoplasty are to shower, wash your eyebrows, and do not wear make-up. No false lashes, contact lenses, or other unnecessary accessories are allowed on the day of your eyelid surgery.  Plan to wear comfortable clothing. Be sure to check with your Miami cosmetic surgeon during pre-op to review these instructions and find out if he has additional stipulations.

One of the most important arrangements to establish before your cosmetic eyelid surgery is reliable transportation to and from your appointment. Choose someone who is dependable and can be there with you to make sure you follow the post-op instructions. There will be quite a bit of discomfort and you may be a little out of it after your blepharoplasty. Having someone there to care for you the first day out of eyelid surgery will set the stage for you to have a quick and comfortable recovery.