As we age, gravity begins pulling some cruel tricks on our appearance. Some days we look in the mirror and ask, “Who are you?!” Lucky for us, the expertise of a Miami cosmetic surgeon can restore that fresh-faced look we forgot we had. One of the cosmetic procedures that leaves us with a more youthful and energetic appearance is a brow lift, which can take years off an aging face. The best plastic surgeons in Miami for this type of surgery specialize in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery. Restoring the position of your brow line and eliminating forehead grooves and wrinkles will take years off your face.

After consulting a qualified Miami cosmetic surgeon, if you opt for a brow lift, it can go one of two ways. You can either choose a traditional brow lift, or you can choose an endoscopic brow lift. The endoscopic brow lift is the less invasive of the two cosmetic procedures. For the traditional brow lift, you will receive general anesthesia and your Miami cosmetic surgeon will make an incision across your forehead, lift your skin to reposition your eyebrows, remove excess skin, and suture your incision. With endoscopic cosmetic procedures, you still receive general anesthesia, but your Miami cosmetic surgeon makes several small incisions along your hairline instead. An endoscope inserted through the incisions allows the surgeon to see and make specific small changes to trouble spots.

One of the benefits to brow lift cosmetic procedures is that you can correct a number of cosmetic problems to the top third of your face at one time. Other benefits include to this type of Miami cosmetic surgery include looking friendlier and more approachable, more radiant and youthful, and starting to feel more confident. You’ll be surprised by your quick recovery and minimal side effects. Choosing one of the best plastic surgeons in Miami will ensure top-notch lasting and natural-looking results. When your Miami cosmetic surgeon removes your sutures you’ll discover the minimal scarring is well hidden.

Take Years off Your Face with This One Cosmetic Procedure