The consensus of the best plastic surgeons in Miami is that you may develop dark circles under your eyes for a variety of reasons. Whether your dark circles respond best to Miami plastic surgery, or some other treatment will be best determined by your Miami cosmetic surgeon. One possible cause is hyperpigmentation resulting from allergies, congestion, another medical condition, or heredity. Another possibility is from lifestyle choices like sun exposure, alcohol or caffeine consumption, sleep deprivation, or issues with your diet. Finally, facial aging may play a part, mostly caused from volume loss in the cheeks and under eyes. Your Miami cosmetic surgeon will be able to determine which it is for you.

There are some avenues you can explore before deciding on reaching out to a Miami cosmetic surgeon. The best plastic surgeons in Miami will encourage you to explore other options first anyway. Before choosing cosmetic surgery Miami patients may want to try working with a dermatologist first. There are a few treatments that have shown some effectiveness; certain topical bleaching creams, chemical peels, and injectable fillers may work. However, your Miami cosmetic surgeon may discourage you from using intense pulsed light (IPL) for safety reasons, or laser resurfacing because it works best in combination with other treatments.

For a more permanent solution to dark circles under the eyes, Miami plastic surgery is favored. Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, has been shown to most effectively rid patients of their dark circles. It requires a delicate and precise touch that only the best plastic surgeons in Miami who specialize in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery can provide. Another surgical approach is to perform either a cheek lift or mid-facelift; either procedure can effectively eliminate dark circles cause by facial aging. A consultation with a premier Miami cosmetic surgeon help you decide which treatments may be best for your particular circumstances.

How to Eliminate Dark Circles under Eyes