Cosmetic eyelid surgery is one of the most popular and most requested of cosmetic surgeries. Generally speaking, people more frequently ask for cosmetic upper lid surgery because of its immediate and dramatic effects on facial appearance. Within a week to ten days of cosmetic upper lid surgery, the candidate’s entire facial expression is enhanced. The appearance is more youthful and energetic, giving a new radiance to the facial area. Prospective patients should consider all aspects of elective surgery before making their decision to move forward.

It’s important for a person who is thinking about eyelid lifts to make sure that they are physically and emotionally prepared. Physically, a person wanting any kind of elective surgery, including cosmetic eyelid surgery, should be in general good health. Some conditions that may interfere with elective cosmetic upper lid surgery are high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, or other circulatory problems. People with diabetes, hypothyroidism, dry or teary eyes, glaucoma, or who have a detached retina may also have an increased risk for cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Emotionally, candidates need to be clear on the reasons for choosing cosmetic surgery. All surgeries, especially those involving general anesthesia – which is not always required for eyelid lifts, carry inherent risks. A healthy emotional approach is to make an honest examination of why one would voluntarily take on unnecessary health risks for a change in appearance. The decision to get cosmetic eyelid surgery should be well thought out and made independently for personal reasons. Cosmetic upper lid surgery is usually reserved for people over 35 and related to aging and their desire for a more youthful appearance, so a healthy emotional outlook includes managing expectations when choosing eyelid lifts.

Another important consideration is the careful selection of the surgeon who will be performing the cosmetic eyelid surgery. Cosmetic procedures are widely performed by a variety of surgeons, but the best plastic surgeons in Miami for this type of surgery are those with a subspecialty in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery who have had considerable experience and can provide multiple before and after plastic surgery photos. Go into this kind of surgery with eyes wide open.

Is Eyelid Surgery Right For You?