When you are seeking a Miami cosmetic surgeon to perform your blepharoplasty procedure, it is imperative you find one that specializes eyelid surgery. The reason this is so crucial is because you are assured their experience with blepharoplasty is vast and likely includes patients of different ethnicities. Blepharoplasty requires very delicate and precise procedures where subtle changes can have a big aesthetic impact.  For instance, blepharoplasty for Asian patients will be different than blepharoplasty for patients with Occidental eyelids. Only an experienced Miami cosmetic surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery will know what the anatomical differences are and how to achieve the best outcome for each individual.

The primary goal for Asian blepharoplasty, also known as (double eyelid surgery) that differs from blepharoplasty for Occidentals is creating an upper eyelid crease. How they are similar is they both remove excess fat and skin from the upper eyelids. There is little sedation with double eyelid surgery because the surgeon will need the patient to open and close his or her eyes during the procedure. Although the approach is very similar in either blepharoplasty procedure, but the main difference for individuals undergoing double eyelid surgery in making the crease less fat, muscle, and skin are removed. The incision is also lower; both differences allow a “deep fixation” to be applied allowing for the crease to be created that precisely follows the anatomy.

There are other less invasive ways to undergo a double eyelid surgery which do not require cutting; instead sutures are used to create the crease. The downside to going this route is the effects will wear off over time whereas with surgery the outcome is more permanent. Whether you need Occidental blepharoplasty or Asian blepharoplasty, the goal is for each individual to achieve the desired outcome while maintaining a natural look that is consistent with their heritage. Extreme alterations are ill-advised, even by the best plastic surgeons in Miami, who specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of the eye area and know what they are doing.  

Find the Right Blepharoplasty Surgeon for Your Ethnicity