People are pretty savvy when it comes to protecting their skin from the harsh effects of the sun. All kinds of skin care products feature SPFs these days, and consumers are better informed than ever before. When people think of skin cancer, however, they almost never consider eyelid skin cancers. Surprisingly, nearly ten percent of all skin cancers are on the eyelids, and most of those are on the lower lids. While most skin cancers are not lethal, eyelid skin cancers can cause blindness, tissue damage, and spread to the nose and orbital cavities. For this reason, eyelid surgery, particularly lower eyelid surgery, is a necessary intervention at the first signs of eyelid skin cancer.

Early detection of lumps, bumps, or lesions on the eyelids is the best prevention of serious problems. If eyes are persistently red and don’t respond to typical treatment, or if eyelashes begin to fall out, these are other signs of concern. Pigmented lesions with irregular borders on the eyelids are also troublesome. It is imperative to seek out a Miami plastic surgeon who specializes in ophthalmic, eyelid surgery and reconstructive surgery.

After receiving an eyelid skin cancer diagnosis, remember that 90% are basal cell carcinomas and another 5% are squamous cell carcinomas, both of which can be successfully treated with an eyelid surgery by the best plastic surgeons in Miami with ophthalmic specialties. Most often a Miami plastic surgeon will choose to use an eyelid surgery called Mohs surgery, where thin layers of tissue are removed and examined under a microscope until a layer is cancer-free.

The thin skin and delicate structures around the eyes make them particularly vulnerable to eyelid cancers and pose significant surgical challenges. Choosing one of the best plastic surgeons in Miami, particularly a Miami plastic surgeon who specializes in ophthalmic surgeries and has extensive experience with Mohs lower eyelid surgery and upper eyelid surgery is of utmost importance.

Effective Treatments For Eyelid Skin Cancers