There are many who want to get plastic surgery in Miami  purely for aesthetic purposes, then there are those who were born with or develop conditions that feel it’s reason enough to go through with it. Certain conditions typically develop around specific ages, and regardless of age, the best plastic surgeons in Miami are going to go over all the details with you about what can be done.

Newborns and young children can sometimes experience blocked tear ducts and droopy eyelids stemming from birth. Blocked tear ducts are fairly common with infants, and while many children who have this condition will need plastic surgery in Miami, not all will. Drooping eyelids is also referred to as Ptosis, and the best plastic surgeons in Miami will easily fix the problem.

Teens and young adults can experience styes, which is a swelling at the edge of the eyelid, or eyelid cysts, also known as Chalazions, both of which may require plastic surgery in Miami to fix the problem.

Those who are 45-55 typically get plastic surgery in Miami for cosmetic eyelid surgery in an effort to look younger. Those who are 65-80 typically consider Miami plastic surgery to take care of tear duct problems, skin cancers, and droopy eyelids. Lastly, those who are 75+ usually get eyelid surgery to treat eyelashes turning inward, facial palsy, and tumors.

While all the aforementioned are relatively common for those age ranges and reasons they may consider plastic surgery in Miami, many of the conditions, such as skin cancer, could also occur with those of any age.

Regardless of your age, the best plastic surgeons in Miami will give you a thorough examination, go over all the info about the risks, recovery time, and payment options, and help you make a decision to determine if eyelid surgery is right for you.

What Eyelid Problems Occur With Age?