A brow lift is not one size fits all when it comes to cosmetic procedures; what is possible, is dictated by the natural position of a person’s brow, which is different for everyone. The best plastic surgeons in Miami for this type of procedure are ophthalmic and reconstructive surgeons. They’re experienced at upper eyelid surgery, brow lifts, and other cosmetic procedures involving the eye area, and understand the orbital structures better than any other Miami cosmetic surgeon.

There are three types of cosmetic procedures that a Miami cosmetic surgeon could perform for a brow lift; an endoscopic forehead lift, a pretrichial eyebrow and forehead lift, or a direct brow lift. You’ll discuss the options with your Miami cosmetic surgeon and the two of you will decide which is best for you. With an endoscopic forehead lift, five small incisions are made along the hairline and the whole area from the eyebrows to the hairline is lifted.

With the pretrichial eyebrow and forehead lift, the Miami cosmetic surgeon makes a single incision the width of the forehead and a strip of skin and tissue are removed; the hairline is lowered shortening the forehead. In the direct brow lift, the incisions are made along the upper lines of the eyebrows and the forehead is smoothed by pulling it down instead of up. In all three cosmetic procedures, care is taken to address eyebrow shape and asymmetry.

You can see why it is important to choose a Miami cosmetic surgeon who is a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for these kinds of cosmetic procedures. A reconstructive surgeon who specializes in the eyelids and orbital structures of the face has had extensive training in ophthalmic cosmetic surgeries. They are the best plastic surgeons in Miami for brow lifts or any cosmetic procedures related to the forehead, eye area, and mid face.

What Brow Lift Procedure Is Right For You?