The Rise of Cosmetic Eye Surgery

The popularity of cosmetic surgery has seen record highs since the 1960s when silicone was first introduced as a tool to improve skin blemishes and would go on to become an essential part of breast augmentation surgeries not long afterward. While that surgery remains the most performed procedure on average, undergone by nearly 200,000 patients in 2020 alone, more and more people each year are choosing to have surgery on the skin around their eyes. Last year, over 325,000 people had eyelid surgery (formally known as blepharoplasty), while that number was even greater (over 350,000) in 2019. 

Normalizing Eyelid Surgery

When it comes to getting surgery around their eyes, people often get squirmy at the mere thought. And rightly so—the eyes are precious and beautiful, masterpieces of natural design, the window to the soul. It is for those very reasons, however—those descriptors—that lead people to go under the knife in the first place. While plastic surgery has often been unfairly labeled as an extravagance or a superficiality (especially plastic surgery in Miami, Florida), the fact is that virtually all eye surgeries clear up very real problems that inhibit the standard of living for many patients.

Below is a short list of the most common types of cosmetic surgery for the eyes. For Dr. Myron Tanenbaum, these are increasingly becoming some of his most requested procedures. After over 40 years of performing cosmetic surgery, Dr. Tanenbaum has helped thousands of patients get rid of excess skin, bagginess, and otherwise fix other, more acute eyelid problems resulting from age, genetics, or cancer.


The most common type of ocular plastic surgery in Miami, FL, blepharoplasty is a procedure designed to help turn back the clock by removing excess and sagging skin around the eyes. This presents a more youthful appearance by creating tighter skin and fewer wrinkles. A blepharoplasty can be done on either the upper or lower eyelids or both sets at the same time.

By removing sagging skin on the upper lids, Dr. Tanenabaum can actually increase the peripheral vision of the patient, while removing sagging skin on the lower lids removes unsightly bags.

Ptosis Repair

Much like the problems fixed by an upper lid blepharoplasty, ptosis repair helps tighten skin that droops directly over the eye, limiting the patient’s field of vision. This particular affliction can happen to children and adults alike, and Myron Tanenbaum has experience helping patients of all ages.

Ectropion/Entropion Repair

Ectropion is a condition where the eyelid naturally folds back on itself, exposing the inner lining of the eyelid. Entropion is the opposite, where the eyelid folds inward on itself, irritating the eyeball with the eyelashes. The cosmetic surgery to repair these conditions is quite normal and helps relieve eye strain suffered from exposure to the elements and drying out. 

Cancer Signs Removal

Numerous types of cancer manifest on or around the eyelids, the most common being basal cell carcinoma. Usually, cancer spots may appear as weeping sores or dark spots that will grow and change. 

In addition to carcinoma, thyroid disease has been known to cause scarring around the eyes, as has melanoma. Some of the more invasive sicknesses, like lymphoma, appear as a tumor on the eyeball itself. Dr. Myron Tanenbaum is familiar with each of these signs and can help the patient determine the best course of action for treatment.

Cosmetic Surgery When You Need It

For so many patients, cosmetic surgery is not simply an indulgence to change their appearance, though there is nothing wrong with that. For many, the plastic surgery being performed in Miami, FL by doctors like Myron Tanenbaum is a legitimate lifesaver, not only in terms of their health but in salvaging the type of life these patients would like to have. If you have any interest in a consultation, simply contact our office and we will get you started on a path to a healthier, happier, more confident you. 

The Rise of Cosmetic Eye Surgery