Blepharoplasty in laymen’s terms is eyelid surgery; it is done to eliminate baggy and droopy eyelids that are not only aesthetically displeasing to those who live with them, but also can cause vision problems. Vision problems are extreme cases; many people simply want to undergo eyelid surgery for a more youthful look. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is usually reserved for people who are in their forties and older. It is increasingly common for people to seek this treatment as they age. One of the main questions people have regarding eyelid surgery is if they should do it early or wait until they are in need of a full facelift.

The answer is that it is up to the individual, however the best plastic surgeons in Miami would recommend addressing the problem right away. Depending on your family genetics, you could be in need of eyelid surgery as early as your twenties or thirties. The chance that anyone would need an entire facial rejuvenation at that time is slim to none. So the real question is do you want to spend twenty or thirty years with ptosis? Chances are the answer to that is no, and since an average person only needs blepharoplasty once in their life there is really no need to wait.

For patients to rejuvenate their entire face they will usually need blepharoplasty, a forehead lift, cheek lifts, and a neck lift. These types of invasive cosmetic procedures aren’t usually needed or recommended until much later in life. So if you suffer from drooping and baggy eyelids, getting blepharoplasty can literally take years off your appearance well before you ever need the extensive cosmetic procedures required for a facelift. Whenever you are thinking of altering your appearance, it is important to do your research and make a decision that is right for you. Only you know when you are ready to make a change.

Should I Get Blepharoplasty Now, Or Wait To Get A Face Lift Later?