Reconstructive eye surgery is used to treat diseases of the eye. It can also be used to treat abnormalities of the eyelids, midface and the eye orbits. It is done because there are times when cosmetic eye surgery can’t repair damage as well as reconstructive eye surgery. The conditions which can be treated may be diverse. This surgery can also treat problems which are single or multiple. Reconstructive eye surgery can treat orbital problems and injuries to the eyelids. It can also be used to treat diseases involving the eyelids and tear duct system.

Also, reconstructive eye surgery can treat thyroid related diseases, like Grave’s disease. Grave’s ophthalmopathy causes a protrusion of the eyeball. This condition is called exophthalmos or proptosis. This condition causes the swelling of the muscles tissues around the eyes. It can cause vision loss and even disfigurement. It can be treated with radiation and medication.

However, sometimes more space is needed for the eye to prevent vision loss so orbital decompression is used. In this procedure, bone tissue between the eye socket and the sinuses are removed. This makes more room for the eye and helps to reduce eye protrusion. The hospital stay is short and the procedure is performed under general anesthesia. There can be some complications from this type of reconstruction eye surgery though as with all surgery. You can experience some feeling of numbness in the cheek, lip and upper teeth of the affected side. Sometimes you may even develop double vision.

To close, although cosmetic eye lid surgery can repair some problems, sometimes only reconstructive eye surgery can fix others. So if you are having eye lid issues, consulting any number of Miami eye specialists today is the first step to better eye health.

Reconstructive Eye Surgery