There has been a near 100% increase in men seeking cosmetic procedures in the last decade, particularly the last five years. Many of the requests are for cosmetic eyelid surgery, brow lifts, cheek lifts or implants, jawline augmentation, and other facial cosmetic procedures. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, men are feeling the pressure to look younger and are turning to the best Miami plastic surgeons to help them do it.

One of the most requested procedures is cosmetic eyelid surgery. The eyes are usually the first to show signs of aging, and many of the male patients seeking lower eyelid surgery, upper eyelid surgery, or eyelid lifts are CEOs and other top businessmen who are at the top of their game and want to look as confident as they feel. Photos of before and after cosmetic eyelid surgery show dramatic results and comparatively offer a lot of bang for the buck. These career enhancing cosmetic procedures are in high demand along with jawline contouring and neck lifts.

The area from the eyelids to the cheeks is one of biggest problem areas for saggy skin caused by aging. Well defined cheek bones disappear, lower lid bags and malar festoons begin to appear. These effects of aging seemingly change a man’s facial structure. According to the best plastic surgeons in Miami, getting cheek lifts makes for a more youthful look. Cheek lifts combined with lower eyelid surgery will smooth the entire area.

Jawline contouring and neck lift surgery are also both popular cosmetic procedures among men seeking a stronger, more masculine, and more youthful appearance. Jaw contouring gives the chin and jaw area more definition, while a neck lift helps the jaw stand out more. It rids the neck of excess skin and fat, and eliminates saggy jowls. With the skilled expertise of one of the best plastic surgeons in Miami, men can regain the defined, angular facial structure of their youth.

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