While cosmetic procedures diminish the look of facial aging, the best plastic surgeons in Miami are turning to mid face lifts in an effort to make the outcome of a traditional facelift look more natural. In a traditional facelift the mid face isn’t altered; when combined with a mid face lift, the Miami plastic surgeon is able to make deeper cuts in the muscles that allow for muscles around the nose and cheeks to be pulled up in these cosmetic procedures, then attached to the structures beneath the eyes. The mid face lift cosmetic procedures can be done alone or in combination with a full facelift.

Because a mid face lift is a fairly new procedure and is technically delicate, candidates will want to choose from among the best plastic surgeons in Miami. A Miami cosmetic surgeon who routinely does ophthalmic, facial reconstructive, and facial cosmetic procedures will have the greatest understanding of the anatomy of the face. A plastic surgeon who routinely does facial reconstruction work will also be prepared to deal with any complications that arise during the surgery. A prospective patient should still ask the expert Miami cosmetic surgeon for before and after plastic surgery photos specific to a mid face lift.

The surgery, which takes about an hour to 90 minutes, is done through an incision in the lower eyelid like a traditional facelift. Everything is pulled up from the inside and attached to the lower eye socket to smooth out the mid face fold. Cosmetic lower lid surgery is part of the procedure, so patients are actually getting a twofer. Some cosmetic surgeons criticize the procedure as being too risky for the end results, but many patients are happy with their before and after plastic surgery photos, whether they had the cosmetic procedures done alone or in conjunction with a traditional facelift.

Mid Face Lift Gives Face Lifts a More Natural Look