Children and Plastic Surgery – Is It Okay?

A controversial topic has come to the forefront since the recent rise of bullying. In an effort to help bullying victims, some parents are turning to plastic surgery.  The question becomes, “Is Miami plastic surgery okay for children?” There is really no clear right or wrong answer to this question. Bullying often centers around some physical difference the victim has from other children. Social media has exacerbated the problem with cyber bullying, and children are becoming increasingly physically aggressive. It’s hard to know what is appropriate and inappropriate when it comes to kids seeking Miami plastic surgery.

Depending on the circumstances, a child may need cosmetic procedures like ptosis surgery which can correct droopy eyelids, cheiloplasty to correct a cleft lip, or rhinoplasty to straighten or reduce the size of the nose. It can even be a case of a child being so physically harmed by a bully that they may need reconstructive Miami plastic surgery that only the best Miami plastic surgeons can offer. The bottom line is any and all cosmetic procedures, especially when concerning a child, need to be thoroughly discussed among the parent, the child, and the specialist in Miami plastic surgery to find the best solution.

If your child meets the criteria of age, physical development, psychological/emotional outlook, maturity level, and has reasonable reasons for particular cosmetic procedures, they are good candidates for Miami plastic surgery. The parent must sign consent to their child receiving any cosmetic procedures, however, the final approval has to come from the child. If the child says no, even the best Miami plastic surgeons cannot proceed. It is also important to note that unless there are serious circumstances like reconstructive surgery due to severe damage to a child’s face or body, many Miami plastic surgery specialists will only operate on the ears and nose, since those are areas that may have finished developing. The basic guideline for Miami plastic surgery and children, is it’s usually reserved for rare and specific circumstances that do not interfere with the child’s physical development.