Before & After: The Benefits of Ptosis Surgery

Symptoms of ptosis go beyond physical appearance—affecting vision, comfort, confidence, and even development in children!

Someone with drooping eyelids or a ‘ptosis’ diagnosis often experiences a lot of discomfort in many areas of their life. Luckily, ptosis surgery has a high success rate—not only in improving physical symptoms but psychological and social ones too.

If you or someone you love has ptosis, undergoing surgery can uplift your overall quality of life. To find out if ptosis surgery is right for you, read on about commonly reported before and after effects:

A Wider View

During a ptosis surgery, an oculoplastic surgeon tightens your levator muscle, making it easy to open your eyes to a wider view:

Before: Hazy & Obscured Vision 

If your eyelid droops a little too far over your iris or pupil, it can decrease your vision and cause you to feel disconnected from your environment.

After: Clarity & The Bigger Picture

By opening up more of your upper gaze, lifting your eyelid through either internal or external ptosis surgery allows you to take in more of your surroundings.

A More Peaceful State of Being

Following ptosis surgery, 80% of swelling generally goes away in two weeks, so you can experience a more peaceful state of being sooner: 

Before: Struggle & Unease 

People who suffer from ptosis are often found rubbing their eyes. Constantly struggling to open them up can lead to an underlying sense of unease.

After: Relief & Comfort

When your eyelid muscles aren’t under constant strain, you can feel more comfortable in your everyday life. The relief that comes from this is both physical and psychological.

Better Social Interactions

The results of ptosis surgery are typically permanent, so you can experience better social interactions for the rest of your life:

Before: Insecurity & Looking Sleepy

Ptosis can make you appear sleepy or bored, causing people around you to react accordingly. This can cause you to feel self-conscious or lead to a lack of confidence in your looks.

After: Confidence & Appearing Alert

Since scarring from ptosis surgery is either minimal or invisible, you can feel more confident about your appearance while looking alert during social interactions. 

Healthier Development in Children

Ptosis surgery can be safely performed on children, extending its benefits to the realm of visual development:

Before: Developmental Danger

Ptosis in children can sometimes cause vision problems as they grow and develop. To ensure they attain their best possible vision as time goes on, strict monitoring may be necessary.

After: Healthy Development

While surgery is not always a doctor’s first suggestion, it is often found to be the only route to healthy development. Children who undergo ptosis surgery only need to stay home from school for 1-2 weeks. 
When it comes to the success of ptosis surgery, your choice of surgeon makes all the difference. Myron Tanenbaum, M.D. has focused solely on ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery for over 25 years, making him one of the best plastic surgeons in Miami. Contact his office for a consultation about ptosis surgery today, and start living a more vibrant life tomorrow.

Before & After: The Benefits of Ptosis Surgery