Eye makeup and eyebrow shaping can give the appearance of natural eyelid lifts. Using light shadows like pink just below the eyebrows and under the eyes can brighten eyes and make them look more open. Adding a darker tone along the crease gives the illusion of depth, making for instant eyelid lifts just with the correct use of color. Add a proper shape to your brow that follows the bone structure, and you’re set.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your eyelids tend to droop. Eyes become swollen and puffy and accentuate wrinkles and redness. Getting at least seven hours of sleep per night reduces the effects of tired eyes, giving your eyes a healthier more youthful appearance. Avoid eyelid lifts longer by getting adequate sleep now.

A natural option for eyelid lifts is doing exercises for your upper eyelids. Close your eyes gently and without moving your head, look up and down. Repeat several times. Another exercise to do in place of eyelid lifts is to put your fingers on your temples pulling your eyes toward your ears and opening and closing your eyes for ten repetitions. Eyelid exercises won’t replace surgical or non-surgical eyelid lifts, but consistent use may defer those cosmetic procedures.

Taking care of the skin around your eyes is another natural remedy to avoid tired looking eyes. While there are no creams or serums that actually replace eyelid lifts, you can delay their necessity by treating delicate eye areas with care. Only apply moisturizing eye creams with your ring fingers and always with a sweeping motion, never rubbing.

Slight, but consistent modifications in your diet can help give a natural boost to look of your eyes. Cut down your salt intake, because salt retains water and can give eyes a puffy look. Drinking plenty of water flushes waste from the body and keeps skin moist. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that helps sun damaged skin. These dietary changes can help delay cosmetic upper lid surgery.

When you’ve exhausted natural remedies and are ready for the next step in cosmetic procedures, consult a Miami cosmetic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic upper lid surgery for your eyelid lifts. Your Miami cosmetic surgeon will be able to tell you if surgical or non-surgical eyelid lifts are best for you.

5 Natural Eyelid Lifts