15 Tips for a Successful Blepharoplasty Consultation

If you have decided to explore your options for cosmetic eyelid surgery, the most important part of the process is choosing the Miami cosmetic surgeon who is right for you. You have to decide on the surgeon you trust, and these tips will help you choose from the best plastic surgeons in Miami right from the beginning. If a surgeon strays far from these consultation guidelines, consider getting your Miami plastic surgery elsewhere.

  • Don’t choose your Miami cosmetic surgeon from a group seminar; it’s a sales tactic.
  • Don’t attend a free 15-minute consultation; your potential Miami cosmetic surgeon cannot possibly give you the appropriate information in that period of time.
  • Only meet with the actual surgeon who will be performing your cosmetic eyelid surgery, not staff or a partner.
  • Expect to be asked to fill out a health history and to reveal any allergies or medical conditions.
  • Expect the Miami cosmetic surgeon to be able to easily and clearly diagnose your needs by looking at your eyes and manipulating your eyelids.
  • Avoid a plastic surgeon who focuses more on his resume and skills than his plan for your cosmetic eyelid surgery.
  • Don’t choose a Miami cosmetic surgeon who lists a number of other procedures to do in tandem with or instead of the blepharoplasty you came to discuss.
  • Trust your intuition and note if the surgeon seems to be able to describe the process for your cosmetic eyelid surgery easily, as if he/she is practiced at talking about it; it speaks to experience.
  • Only consider a Miami cosmetic surgeon who specializes in blepharoplasty; ask about experience and expertise or specialty.
  • Prior to the consultation, thoroughly review the surgeon’s website and research reputation on the Internet.
  • Ask the surgeon during the consultation to provide a number of before and after plastic surgery photos, more than a few, but not an excessive number
  • Be sure the Miami cosmetic surgeon you are considering thoughtfully and patiently answers all your questions in an appointment of roughly 45 minutes.
  • Listen to everything the surgeon says, taking notes if you need to and asking questions for clarification when you don’t understand.
  • The best plastic surgeons in Miami will be evaluating your suitability as a candidate for cosmetic eye surgery at the same time you are evaluating their ability as a Miami cosmetic surgeon; it should be a true give and take conversation.
  • If you feel pressured to make an appointment for the surgery; keep looking.
15 Tips for a Successful Blepharoplasty Consultation